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100 SEK


At Nordic Jewelry, we offer exclusive gift cards that can be used to buy jewelry in our store or on our website. The gift card is sent directly to you via email , so you can start shopping immediately. With a valid lifetime, you can use the gift card for as long as you wish before it expires. You can choose to buy the gift card with different amounts, so you can give the ultimate gift to someone you care about. This exclusive gift card gives the recipient the opportunity to choose their own jewelry, so they can get exactly what they want. So if you want to give a memorable gift to someone special, be sure to buy an exclusive gift card from Nordic Jewelry.

Buy Nordic Jewelry (NS) gift cards for your loved ones. A gift card is never wrong for the recipient, and a gift card is also very much appreciated.

Our popular gift cards are the perfect solution for your loved ones! Give an exclusive gift that you know will work! Gift cards arrive via e-mail, it's smooth, simple and fast. You will receive your gift card within 1 hour, usually it only takes a few minutes.

Expiration date when purchasing gift cards: Never.Gift cards are valid for life or until a purchase is made for the full amount.